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How useDApp helps you

useDApp supports all of the requirements of a well functioning DApp - in a moment we will find out how we can use that power to your advantage.

  • useDapp ensures the DApp is up-to-date - It automatically refreshes state of the blockchain as soon as new blocks are mined.

You can use pollingInterval in useDApp Config in order to fine-tune the refresh frequency of new blocks.

  • useDApp ensures the DApp has consistent state - All the data displayed comes from a single block, ensuring there is no inconsistencies or conflicting data displayed to the end user.

  • useDApp helps make a DApp efficient, by utilizing the Multicall contract to limit requests to API providers. Additionally, the data is fetched only if it is required in the visible (rendered) part of the UI.


During local development with a local blockchain node (such as Hardhat or Ganache), useDApp can automatically deploy a Multicall contract to ease and speed up development.

Enough theory? 👉 Let's head on to practice.