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Provides basic services for a DApp. It combines the following components: <ConfigProvider>, <EthersProvider>, <BlockNumberProvider>, <ChainStateProvider> and <ReadOnlyProviderActivator>


  • config: Partial<Config>: configuration of the DApp, see Config.


  import { Mainnet, DAppProvider } from '@usedapp/core'

const config = {
readOnlyChainId: Mainnet.chainId,
readOnlyUrls: {
[Mainnet.chainId]: `${INFURA_ID}`,

return (
<DAppProvider config={config}>
<App />


Stores configurations and makes them available via useConfig hook.


Requires: ConfigProvider



Ensures that a multicall contract address is available when developing on a local chain. A multicall contract will be deployed when a multicall address on a local chainId is not defined in the Config.

While the contract is being deployed, a temporary "Deploying multicall..." message will be rendered instead of the user's child components.